My name is Rob Lee. I’m a character illustrator for an innovative online retailer specialising in licensed personalised character products.

Since being a child I’ve been fascinated by UFOs and the possibility of life visiting us from other planets. As a kid the prospect would fill me with both fear and excitement. I remember buying my first UFO book from a book van that visited our school. It detailed ways to investigate UFOs and what to look out for, spinning compasses, stopped watches and the like.

Project Saucer is a personal project. I listen to and watch a lot of material on the subject, but there’s so much info out there, most of it unbelievable and unverified that it’s hard to know what to believe. On top of that a lot of the information is in the form of badly produced documentaries that make the subject look laughable and the people involved look crazy. My aim with Project Saucer is to research the cases and key people in the field and try to separate fact from fiction. I want to distill the information so I can develop my own opinions on the subject.

Hopefully Project Saucer will be able to help others make rational sense of the subject no matter what they want to believe, extra-terrestrial or not.

I’ve never had an experience or a sighting myself, but I do believe that people see some unusual objects in the skies all over the world. I’m also open to the idea that intelligent life may be out there and that it could, if advanced enough, have the ability to visit us.

Some scientists talk about how even if there was intelligent life out there, it would take too long to travel across the universe to reach us. My question is, what don’t we know? If there was intelligent life, it could possibly be billions of years ahead technologically. It may sense the universe in a different way to us.

We’ve advanced so much in the last one hundred years that we couldn’t even comprehend what we might know or what we might be in a billion years. We can’t imagine what we can’t imagine. We don’t know what we don’t know. I think to say that intelligent life couldn’t reach us is closed minded and limiting to new ideas and discovery. Instead of saying they couldn’t reach us, we need to be asking how could they reach us? This way of thinking might lead us to progress and become the intelligent life to reach others first.

If nothing else, I intend to have some fun while working on this project. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Welcome to Project Saucer.