Are UFOs Real? A Project Saucer Article

So you’ve been hearing about alleged UFOs on the news or you’ve got a crazy friend who won’t stop trying to convince you that UFOs are real, but they’re not giving you any real reason to buy into the idea. I’m going to try and break it down simply and rationally so you can firmly make your own opinions on whether UFOs are real or not.

What Are UFOs?

Technically speaking the acronym U.F.O. stands for unidentified flying object. An object that is flying that can’t be identified. It’s really as simple as that!

What UFOs Aren’t

The most common misconception is that UFOs are extraterrestrial, not of this world or of alien origin. When most people talk about UFOs, this is exactly what they mean, but they’re misusing the term and they wonder why the topic is subject to ridicule. UFO does not mean aliens are flying around our skies. As a group, we need to be super clear about this if we want the general public to take this subject seriously (and perhaps they should).

A UFO could potentially be of alien origin, but ninety five percent of reported sitings are identified as coming from Earth. Satellites, weather balloons, Chinese lanterns and real extraterrestrial objects like shooting stars or planets have all been reported as unidentified only later to be identified.

To clarify, UFOs aren’t alien spaceships. If we knew for sure that what we were seeing were alien spacecraft, they wouldn’t be unidentified, they’d be identified flying objects. Smarty pants…

Why Are UFO Enthusiasts So Nutty?

Let’s be fair to the UFO nuts (please… I’m one of them!). Aliens have been in pop culture since before the bible. We’ve all grown up with space, aliens and flying saucers in our books, on the radio, television, films and games. It’s fun, exciting and a little scary!

I think the prospect that some of this could be real is extremely enticing. Parts of you want it to be true, which is where the danger of bias comes in. It can pull people into the deep end where it’s easy to lose your perspective on what’s real and what’s not.

I’ve been there, it can get a little weird and trust me, there are some crazy people out there who claim to be able to channel aliens from distant planets… for a fee. There’s also the people that just need to get a bit of fresh air, daylight and human interaction. When you spend too much time on your own with this kind of subject, there’s no one to question your thinking, which can lead down a path where you think that everyone else is crazy and irrational.

But sometimes, just sometimes it’s worth giving a UFO nut, sorry, enthusiast, the benefit of the doubt by actually listening to what they have to say. Having an open mind goes both ways. Don’t automatically close up when the subject arises.

Ask the right questions and you just might find the answer might be rational and eye opening. The same goes for the enthusiasts. Being open minded doesn’t mean believing everything that you hear on a Youtube video just because the person presenting the “facts” speaks with conviction.

We should constantly be challenging the legitimacy of a piece of “evidence” even when we want it to be true.

Is there any real evidence of UFOs?

Speaking of evidence, is there any real evidence of UFOs? This goes back to the original definition of what a UFO is. To reframe the question, is there any real evidence of objects flying in our skies that couldn’t be identified?

I would also swap the word “real” for “strong”. You could ask your neighbour if they’d ever seen something in the sky that they couldn’t identify. If they said yes, you could say this is real evidence, but it’s not very strong evidence. What qualifications do they have to be able to identify objects in the sky at a distance?

Let’s ask the question again… Is there any strong evidence of objects that were flying in our skies that couldn’t be identified?

The answer is yes. There is strong evidence of unidentified flying objects. A lot of this strong evidence comes from military reports dating back to the 1940s. Fighter pilots that are trained to fly at high speeds and fight in the sky have reported objects of a variety of shapes and sizes that they couldn’t identify. These people have to know all of the different aircrafts they might deal with and describe these UFOs as moving in ways they didn’t think possible with human technology.

Is There A Credible UFO Case I Can Look Up?

There’s been a very credible video and pilot testimony that was released by the US Navy in December 2017 known as the USS Nimitz UFO incident that occured in 2004. It’s also known as the Tic Tac UFO. The nickname Tic Tac comes from the shape of the unidentified flying object as it’s described by pilots as a giant Tic Tac. You know the ones, the little white mints that come in a transparent rectangle box.

I won’t go into too much detail on this here as there will be a dedicated article on this case in the future. If you can’t wait, then it’s easy to find information on the case if you Google “USS Nimitz UFO Incident”.

Or you can just take my word for it as I describe the event briefly now. The USS Nimitz is a huge Nuclear powered Navy aircraft carrier that sits on the ocean and holds a fleet of highly advanced aircraft. In 2004, 100 miles South of San Diego, California, while performing routine training fighter pilots were told to stop their training and move to new co-ordinates for a “real world” operation.

For several days prior, the Navy’s high tech radars had picked up over 100 strange objects that they called “anomalous aerial vehicles”, a fancy way of saying UFO without the attached stigma.

Kevin Day, the senior radar operator described the event as watching snow fall on his radar screen. They initially thought the equipment was malfunctioning, but after verifying that everything was working properly, they decided to take action.

Two fighters were sent to intercept one of these unusual objects, but what they ended up chasing was a 40 foot long Tic Tac shaped craft with no signs of propulsion, wings or rotors. This object was able to turn rapidly and travel at speeds faster than anything they’d ever seen. These objects were also seen and reported by other pilots.

This is obviously a very short version of the event, but it’s a real case with very strong evidence provided by very credible people who report that there was something flying in our skies that they couldn’t identify. A UFO! There are lots of these types of military reports of strange objects and over time I’ll be covering as many as I possibly can.

Yes, UFOs Are Real!

I hope this article clears a few things up. It’s okay to be interested in the subject of UFOs. It’s not just for the crazy people.

Yes, UFOs are real, but that doesn’t mean it’s aliens, no matter how much you want it to be. Just don’t go around trying to force it down peoples throats. You’ll probably sound like one of the UFO nuts. Bring the subject up lightly with something like “I saw something on the news last night about a UFO that was spotted by the Navy. Have you ever heard of anything like this?”. You might find someone that’s also interested in the subject with a rational viewpoint. You can then have an adult conversation about the subject.

I Want to Hear From You

With any of these articles on the subject of UFOs, aliens and the like, I reserve the right to be wrong. I strive to present information to the best of my knowledge and research. I’m open to being corrected if you spot anything. Please let me know if you do see anything you think needs correcting or any general opinions you have on the subject using the comments box below or by emailing I look forward to hearing from you!