The Best UFO Evidence - A Project Saucer Article

If you’re looking for the best evidence that UFOs exist, you might be surprised where you find it. There are tons of videos and photographs of supposed UFOs all over the Internet. We all know that a big portion of these are either too blurry or small to see any form to an object, they’re identifiable like weather balloons and Chinese Lanterns or they’re just outright fake!

It’s so easy these days to create a fake UFO video or photograph that it’s hard to trust anything you see. I’ll talk through ways of ranking UFO evidence while showing you some of what I think is the strongest evidence. So what should you look for when weighing up the strength of a piece of UFO evidence?

Who Did This UFO Evidence Come From?

Who the UFO evidence came from is super important. Who would you trust more, your grandma who doesn’t believe any of this stuff, but caught something strange on her phone camera while out on a walk? Oh, and she happens to be the mayor of your town and is trusted by the community. Or would you rather listen to Gary from down the street who believes everything he hears and is constantly chewing your ear off about conspiracy theories, flat earth and aliens?

What Do They Have To Lose?

Does the person have a high level position in the government, in the public eye or very career driven? In other words, do they have a reputation and credibility that they would risk losing by sharing UFO evidence? If so, they’re likely to only share something they truly believe is an unidentified flying object.

Also a quick note about certain people in the public eye. If they’re trying to stir up some controversy to boost their popularity, their motive probably isn’t to disclose important information to the public. They’re probably after a bit of publicity for a quick boost to their following. This might not be every case, but just be aware that they may have an ulterior motive.

Evidence Type: Witness Testimony

As far as evidence goes, I think the only thing weaker than witness testimony is secondhand witness testimony, “a friend of mine once saw a UFO…”. There are different levels of witness testimony and some of that depends on who the witness is to you. Is it a random person you watched on a video who you’ve never met or is it a lifelong friend? In this respect, this type of evidence can be personal.

The next level of witness testimony evidence would be firsthand, “I saw a UFO…”. As I mentioned earlier, we need to think about who this person is and if they are a reliable source of information? What do they have to lose and gain from sharing this information?

President Jimmy Carter Saw a UFO!

When talking about high positions in the government, you don’t get much higher than the president of the United States! President Jimmy Carter is on video taken by documentary filmaker James Fox stating that he saw a UFO.

Talk about a reputation to lose! Again, this is witness testimony, only he knows (or doesn’t know) what he saw. Witness testimony as a type of evidence isn’t very strong, but on a scale from Gary down the street to president Jimmy Carter, I know which one I’d put my money behind!

The Phoenix Lights Mass Sighting

This is where witness testimony gets interesting and actually quite strong. When a large number of people report seeing the same thing in the same place at the same time, something is going on.

On March 13th 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona USA, thousands of people were out watching the night sky for Comet Hale-Bopp. What they ended up seeing was completely unexpected.

A group of lights in a triangle formation was seen slowly and silently travelling over the city. On closer inspection many people reported that in fact it was a huge black chevron shaped craft with lights underneath that formed the triangle formation. Multiple witnesses claim that the craft blocked the view of the stars above.

These lights were also seen by Governor Fife Symington, who at the time ridiculed the situation in a press conference, but later admitted to what he saw.

There were explanations released by the military for what the lights were that night, but many weren’t satisfied with the explanations.

This is still not the strongest evidence overall for UFOs but as far as witness testimony goes, it’s hard to beat.

Evidence Type: Photography

Photos are a tricky type of UFO evidence. Photoshop has been around since 1990, so we’ve had three decades of quick and easy photo manipulation. Before that there were darkroom tricks,like double exposure to combine two images together or use objects in the darkroom to produce the illusion that something was actually there in the photo.

People also used to create physical models and create scenes to photograph. If you have the time, look into a fellow called Billy Meier who claims to be the only real contactee with E.T.s. That is a rabbit hole to go down!

There are however some photos that deserve looking into a bit further. Again we need to look at who took the photo and how reliable a source they are. One of the most interesting photographs was one taken in 1971 by an official mapping aircraft of the Costa Rican government. This photo has been through some rigorous testing and is legit as far as experts can tell. They conclude that whatever is in the photo was actually there.

Evidence Type: Video

Video evidence is more difficult to fake than photographs. You need to be able to both convincingly make the UFO look like it’s there in the scene and also make the movement convincing. However, there are a lot of talented amateur filmakers and CG artists that can make even Hollywood level special effects. You’ll have to look through older UFO videos for a better chance of finding something legit. Or something military maybe?

One of the best video evidence was released in late 2017 by the US Navy. I talked about this case briefly in the article Are UFOs Real?, so I won’t describe the event too much here. I’ll also be doing an in-depth article on this case at some point in the future.

Essentially some strange objects were caught on radar by the Navy. Some fighter jets were sent out to intercept one of the objects, which turned out to be a Tic Tac shaped craft of some kind that could move in ways and speeds that these highly trained pilots had never seen before. Some of the event was captured by one of the aircrafts high tech video cameras. This is fantastic UFO video evidence from a very reliable source.

Evidence Type: Artefacts

One of the most difficult types of evidence to verify are physical artefacts. They have to go through rigorous testing by multiple scientists and even then, some of the scientists can be questionable. I don’t think there is a “best” UFO artefact evidence.

The apparent crash wreckage from Roswell was picked up by two military planes and then a staged photo of a weather balloon was taken for the papers. I’ve not come across any real evidence through my research that I can personally verify at this stage. It’s all based on faith of the person who is presenting the artefact. If you know of any please let me know in the comments.

Evidence Type: Government and Military Reports

As well as military video, some governments around the world have been releasing their UFO files, the UK being one of them. The Ministry of Defense or MOD released their official UFO files a few years back. Some of these documents specifically state that objects moving in the sky could not be identified.

This is going to be some of the most reliable proof of UFOs that you can find. The fact that a lot of governments now admit to officially investigating UFO reports is something in itself!

Share Your Favourite Evidence

I’ve shared what I think makes for strong evidence for UFOs and the questions to ask yourself when evaluating the reliability of the evidence. I’ve also presented what I think are some of the strongest pieces of evidence from each type.

Now I ask that you get involved and share what you think are the strongest pieces of evidence for UFOs in the comments section below. Alternatively you can email me, Rob, at

I look forward to hearing from you!